18 de septiembre de 2013

objeto - caligrama - lenguaje (Robert Smithson)



Robert Smithson, 1966
Pencil drawing

H: 6 1/2" W: 22"
Museum Overholland, Niewersluis

phraseology speech
tongue lingo vernacular
mother tongue king’s English
dialect brogue patois idiom slangy
confusion of tongues, Babel universal language
Esperanto Ido pantomime dumb show literature
letters belles-lettres muses humanities republic of letters
dead languages classics express say express by words polyglot
linguistic dialectal vernacular bilingual literary colloquial
Letter character hieroglyphic alphabet ABC consonant vowel
diphthong surd sonant liquid labial palatal cerebral dental code
guttural syllable monosyllable dissyllable polysyllable prefix suffix cipher
word term vocable name phrase root derivative index glossary dictionary lexicon
etymology philology terminology verbiage loquacity translate nomenclature designation
misnomer malapropism Mrs. Malapropos nominal titular cognomen patronymic title
misname miscall nickname take an assumed name misnamed so called self self-styled idiom
metaphor sentence proverb motto phraseology euphemism paragraph by the card grammar error blunder
diction solecism syntactical analysis nameless slip of the tongue appellation heading gibberish dog Latin
hieroglyphic neologism word coiner argot billingsgate pidgin English orthography terminology thesaurus cipher.

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